Its An Exquisite Film

Its An Exquisite Film

They finally decided on fantasy-esque sounding surnames as a subtle nod to the fantasy parts within the recreation sequence. Early drafts of the script referred to the village as Flowerbud Village, which was the name of the village from the original recreation and sixty four. However, it was finally determined to rename the village to Mineral Town, as that name was identified better from later video games within the series.

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His father is skeptical of the idea, but finally gives in and tells Pete that he can keep the farm if he manages to get it running smoothly in two years. He promises to return on the end of the third Spring to check out the farm, after which departs for the town throughout the sea. It is revealed that Pete, now a younger man, is watching the recording in his home in the metropolis, reflecting on his memories of Mineral Town as a baby.

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He was orphaned as a child, and taken in by Elli’s father. In Winter, Maria is married to Harris, the mailman, whereas Gray begins courting Popuri. Pete begins to believe that his life is going heading in the right direction, but in early Spring, a hurricane rips via Mineral Town and destroys his subject and greenhouse. Pete believes that he’ll lose the farm for sure, since his father is set to return at the end of the season, but Elli reassures him, and a considerable amount of the villagers assist him in fixing up the place.

  • A physician from Seattle returns to her family farm to reconnect together with her son and finds greater than she will imagine.
  • Watch a preview for the Hallmark Channel original movie, “Harvest Moon” starring Jessy Schram and Jesse Hutch.
  • Elli explains to Pete that Farmer Jack is dying, and has been waiting to see Pete one final time.

Popuri’s surname is Flowerbud as a reference to the unique name of the city. However, the director eventually concluded that Elli was the woman that Pete was meant to belong with, and the script was modified to make Elli the primary love curiosity. The original owner of the farm within the movie is called Jack, which is a reference to the name given to Pete by fans of the sport who did not know his real name.

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